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A last-minute opponent switch at UFC on FOX 18 forced Sage Northcutt to jump to the welterweight division for the first time in his UFC career. If things continue to go smoothly, he said he might stay there.

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I imagine with only seven or eight days, to be able to find an opponent that can get their medicals done at 155 or any weight class, is very tough,” Northcutt said. “My opponent that I’m fighting currently at welterweight actually had a fight scheduled a few weeks after my fight that I have on Jan. 30. So it works out perfect. He was already going to fight at welterweight, so all I had to do was move up to make 170.”

DATE: January 30, 2016

Northcutt looks to earn his third consecutive UFC victory. He’s picked up two quick wins since his UFC debut in October, and now he has the chance to post his third in less than four months.

Although there’s some risk in Northcutt’s decision to fight up a weight class, he said another way to view the situation is as an experiment. If his welterweight debut turns out to be a success, he said the division could potentially become his permanent home.

“There is a chance that I might fight another fight at 170 or two more fights and go back to 155,” Northcutt said. “I’m not really sure yet exactly what the plan is, but it’s very possible I’ll have more fights and stay here at 170 and very possible I’ll go back to 155 in the future.”

UFC on Fox 18 2016

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